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Porches + Decks 


We will discuss ideas with you. After our initial consultation, we’ll come up with the deck/porch design proposal that best fits your needs. Once we get the final designs in place, it goes back to you for your approval. When we get your final approval, we schedule a date and time most convenient for you to get started with your deck or porch remodel. 



Remodeling your deck would consist of tearing down the original structure (if there is one) and either rebuilding the structure as-is or changing the layout to a more suitable design. If there is no deck there, we can add a deck and create a new entrance into the the home.

What does this mean for  you  living in the home while the renovation is happening?

If this is your main entry into your house, we will put up caution tape or completely     
board off the existing entrance to prevent you or anyone else from accessing the construction area. 

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