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Basement + Attic Remodels 


We will discuss ideas with you. Then we will come up with a design proposal that best fits your needs. Once we get the final designs in place, it goes back to you for your approval. When we get your final approval, we schedule a date and time most convenient for you to get started with your basement or attic remodel. 



We take your unfinished basement or attic space and create a usable living space for your family. We can do anything from creating rec rooms to master suites with full bathrooms. We can add heat or AC to make it comfortable year-round. We can add a bathroom to your space, whether it is attic or basement.

What does this mean for  you  living in the home while the renovation is happening?

Basement & Attic Remodels are less evasive than most, since most basements or attics are unfinished and unused to begin with. The main disruption will be us coming through your home in order to get to the attic or basement. We can work with you to make this

as easy a process as possible by doing things like 

  • Putting up zip walls and putting down drop cloths in the work areas
  • Setting up temporary spaces for the function that the room being worked on is using

  • Setting up clean spaces within the remodeling zone

  • Providing a temporary enclosed storage unit in your driveway to protect your furniture and items

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