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Bathroom Remodels 


We will discuss ideas with you and have you speak with our tile specialist to find the perfect tile for your space. Then we will come up with a design proposal that best fits your needs. Once we get the final designs in place, it goes back to you for your approval. When we get your final approval, we schedule a date and time most convenient for you to get started with your bathroom remodel.



A Bathroom Remodel can mean a light makeover, but generally bath remodels mean new bathtub or shower unit, new vanity, new fixtures, new floors, and a new toilet. Because bathrooms are small spaces with a lot of function, we want to make sure the space is as functional and beautiful for your as possible. Plus, we want to make sure we have all electrical and plumbing is up to code, since many homes in Massachusetts were built a long time ago.

What does this mean for  you  living in the home while the renovation is happening?

Bathroom renovations can be an evasive process. If your home has more than one full- bathroom, we’ll expect you to use the other bath while we are renovating your focal bathroom. We’ll work with you to expedite the process, making it as quick as possible to minimize inconvenience.  We can work with you to make this as easy a process as possible by doing things like 

  • Putting up zip walls and putting down drop cloths in the work areas
  • Setting up temporary mobile restroom facility

  • Setting up clean spaces within the remodeling zone

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