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Additions + Whole House Renovations


We bring you in to one of our recommended architects to get the plans you need and your initial pricing. After you get the plans, we can meet and start discussing your options. What is your dream project going to look like? How do you imagine the end result looking and feeling? Then we give you an estimate on the work needed to achieve that goal. 



Extension off your existing house:

add a room on the side or back

Adding a second story:

tear your roof off and go up another level

Dormer addition:

taking your roof, which looks like an A, and turn it into a 7, taking half of your roof, tearing it off, and creating another roof line



  • Adding HVAC

  • Adding insulation to today’s building codes

  • Adding bathrooms

  • Relocating bathrooms and bedrooms

  • Reengineering your floor plan

  • Raking your home down to the studs


What does this mean for  you  living in the home while the renovation is happening?

Depending on the space being affected, additions can be an evasive process.

We can work with you to make this as easy a process as possible by doing things like

  • putting up zip walls and putting down drop cloths in the work areas
  • setting up temporary spaces for the function that the room being worked on is using

  • setting up clean spaces within the remodeling zone

  • providing a temporary enclosed storage unit in your driveway to protect your furniture and items

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