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Kitchen Remodels 


After the initial consultation, we send you to our kitchen design specialist to create your ideal kitchen. Once we get the final designs in place, it goes back to you for your approval. When we get your final approval, we schedule a date and time most convenient for you to get started with your kitchen remodel.



A Kitchen Remodel can range anywhere from a simple makeover (replacement of counters and a countertops) to a full-gut remodel (removing walls, moving walls, replacing floors, moving windows, updating electrical, updating plumbing, installing purchased appliances, replacing counters and countertops), and anything in between

What does this mean for  you  living in the home while the renovation is happening?

Kitchen renovations can be an evasive process. We can work with you to make this as

easy a process as possible by doing things like 

  • Putting up zip walls and putting down drop cloths in the work areas
  • Moving appliances over to non-construction areas

  • Setting up clean spaces within the remodeling zone

  • Providing a temporary enclosed storage unit in your driveway to protect your appliances and other items

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